BioPharmaChem Skillnet

Certificate in CPD: Introduction to Biopharmaceuticals and Advanced Personalised Therapies

NFQ Level

Level 8

Teaching Mode



8 weeks

Biopharmachem Skillnet

This program introduces students to the molecular and cellular basis of diseases and how they influence the design and manufacturing of biological therapies. The course emphasizes protein and vaccine-based treatments and explores emerging gene and cell therapies along with personalized treatments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive introduction to molecular and cellular biology as it pertains to diseases
  • Deep dive into protein and vaccine-based therapies, plus emerging gene and cell therapies
  • Focus on large-scale drug and vaccine manufacturing processes

Why Choose this Course?

  1. Expert Collaboration: Jointly designed by UCC’s School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology and BioPharmaChem Skillnet.
  2. Industry-Relevant: Specifically tailored for those aiming to enter or upskill in BioPharma.
  3. Industry-Experienced Faculty: Delivered by experienced lecturers and industry experts
  4.  Job Ready: Prepares students for technical, operational, quality, and management roles.

Course Structure and Content

Module: BC5007 Introduction to BioPharmaceuticals and Advanced Personalized Therapies

  • Overview: Basics of molecular biology, disease mechanisms, and their relationship with biotherapeutics.
  • Content Focus: Design and manufacturing of biological drugs, personalization of medicine, emerging applications in gene and cell therapies.

Entry Requirements

Educational Background:

  • NFQ Level 8 qualification required.
  • A quota allocated for those without formal qualifications but significant industry experience.

Application Materials:

  • Application statement, birth certificate or passport, photograph, CV, language test report (if applicable), and transcripts.


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