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Minitab Fundamentals

Minitab Fundamentals


This is a 1 day course designed for participants who are keen on strengthening their data analysis skills. This course provides hands-on training in navigating Minitab’s tools, customising settings, and interpreting data effectively. With a focus on practical application, participants will learn to import, preprocess, and analyse data, gaining insights into key statistical concepts crucial for informed decision-making.

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“Minitab Fundamentals,” is designed specifically for companies looking to enhance their employees’ data analysis skills. This comprehensive training equips participants with the essential knowledge and techniques required to leverage Minitab software effectively. Through hands-on modules with real world examples, employees will become proficient in navigating the Minitab environment, customising settings, and utilising various analytical tools for data exploration and visualisation. With a focus on enhancing data literacy and analytical capabilities within your workforce, this course empowers your employees to drive efficiencies, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions that positively impact your organisation’s performance and growth. Whether your team is new to Minitab or seeking to sharpen their skills, our course offers a tailored learning experience tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and objectives.

Course Content-

  • Minitab Environment: Introduces the Minitab interface including projects/worksheets, menu bar, toolbars, data and output panes, and the navigator pane.
  • Changing Minitab’s default behaviour: Covers configuration options, customising preferences, and managing profiles to tailor Minitab to your needs.
  • Overview of Data Analytics with Minitab: Covers importing data, data pre-processing, summarising data numerically and graphically using descriptive statistics and Minitab’s Graph Builder, and an introduction to Minitab’s Assistant for guided analysis.
  • Understanding key statistical concepts and definitions: Includes population vs. sample, types of data, parameters vs. statistics, measures of dispersion and central tendency, descriptive vs. inferential statistics, and the Central Limit Theorem.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) tools in Minitab: Introduces various EDA tools such as histograms, boxplots, scatter plots, time series plots, matrix plots, bubble plots, and individual value plots, along with using the Normal Probability Plot to assess data normality.
  • Basic understanding of Probability: Covers the distinction between probability and statistics and defines key terms.
  • Visualising the distribution of your data with Minitab: Explains normal, t, binomial, and Poisson distributions, and how probability can be used to make predictions about processes.

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Course Dates

2nd September

Minitab Fundamentals