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IMI Essential Skills of Management

IMI Essential Skills of Management

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Starting on 12th & 13th Oct, both days in-person in Cork with the following 4 days online: 9th – 10th Nov and 14th – 15th Dec. This highly interactive six-day programme is designed to enhance your existing management skills.We will help you develop new competencies within a framework of identified essential skills. It is comprised of 6 full days divided into 3 modules of 2 consecutive days each:
1. Excel: Learn a variety of management tools and techniques,
2. Perform: Discover how to design strategies for increased employee performance and
3. Deliver: Find out how to foster an environment of creativity and innovation.
The Essential Skills of Management programme is one of the IMI’s most popular executive development programmes.
Date: October 12, 2023

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Who is the course for?

This programme is ideal for developing managers who have 6 months or more experience and who would like to enhance their key management skills. It is being particularly targeted at middle management in SMEs.


Module 1 (2 days): Understanding your Role and Context
• Remote working and leading
• The role of the manager
• Listening skills
• Your development planning
• Management behaviours
• Essential steps of planning
• Goal and objective setting
• Problem solving
• Responses to Conflict

Module 2 (2 days): Aligning Goals & Resources
• Influencing
• Delegation
• Flexible Management
• Introduction to Belbin
• Belbin Team roles
• Motivation
• Building blocks of successful teams
• Building trust
• Team stages & high performing teams

Module 3 (2 days): Building an enabling culture
• DiSC Profile – understanding self
• DiSC Profile – understanding others
• Performance management & effective feedback
• Coaching skills for managers
• Managing different performance conversations
• Pulling it all together

Learning Outcomes

Module 1 Learning outcomes
• Define the role of the Manager
• Apply listening techniques
• Diagnose business environment
• Develop Stakeholder maps
• Apply planning techniques
• Set effective goals
• Solve problems effectively
• Manage through conflict

Module 2 Learning outcomes
• Understand influencing styles
• Align resources
• Delegate tasks effectively
• Empower team members
• Build trust
• Enhance motivation
• Develop teams
• Manage team dynamics

Module 3 Learning outcomes
• Deliver effective feedback
• Identify leadership styles
• Understand personal behaviour
• Diagnose behaviour of others
• Apply a PMDS
• Coach for performance
• Manage performance
• Deliver appraisals


IMI Essential Skills of Management
IMI Essential Skills of Management
1,100.00 (member rate)