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Practical Productivity using MS Outlook

Practical Productivity using MS Outlook


Enhance workplace productivity and time management efficiency with our “Practical Productivity Using MS Outlook” course. Designed for professionals seeking to optimise their workflow, this comprehensive online training consists of three engaging webinars, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Delve into time management best practices and learn how to customise Microsoft Outlook to suit your organisational needs effectively. From mastering essential Outlook shortcuts to organising tasks, appointments, and emails, participants will gain practical skills to streamline their workflow and achieve more in less time. Ideal for individuals overwhelmed by email and workload, this course provides actionable strategies and tools to immediately implement upon return to the office.

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Are you seeking to optimise productivity and streamline workflow within your organisation?Our course goes beyond theoretical principles, providing concrete strategies and techniques for maximising productivity using Microsoft Outlook. Participants will explore advanced customization options, efficient task management practices, and seamless integration of Outlook functionalities into their daily workflow. By the course’s conclusion, attendees will possess the competencies to harness Outlook as a powerful organisational tool, driving efficiency and effectiveness in their professional endeavours.

Who Should Attend:

This course caters to professionals across all business sectors who grapple with the demands of email overload and workload management. Executives, managers, and team members striving for enhanced productivity and organisational effectiveness will find value in this course. Prior experience with MS Outlook is recommended for optimal engagement and learning outcomes.


Participants are expected to have a foundational understanding of MS Outlook functionalities and basic proficiency in navigating the software interface.

Course Modules:

  • Time Management Best Practice / Customise Outlook:
    • Explore foundational time management principles to enhance productivity and efficiency.
    • Learn to customise Outlook settings to tailor the platform to individual and organisational needs.
    • Implement strategies for effective goal-setting, prioritisation, and task management within Outlook.
  • MS Outlook – Shortcuts / Essentials / Working with Tasks:
    • Master essential Outlook shortcuts and navigation techniques to expedite task handling and email management.
    • Develop proficiency in creating, organising, and prioritising tasks within Outlook, utilising advanced features such as Quick Steps and Quick Parts.
    • Establish a structured approach to managing emails, tasks, and appointments to optimise productivity and minimise inbox clutter.
  • Calendar / Contacts / Rules / Introducing the To-Do App:
    • Utilise Outlook’s calendar features to schedule appointments, manage meetings, and track important events efficiently.
    • Maximise the effectiveness of Outlook’s contact management capabilities to streamline communication and collaboration.
    • Implement rules and alerts to automate email organisation and streamline workflow.
    • Discover the benefits of the To-Do app integration with Outlook for seamless task management across devices.

Additional information

Course Date

27th,28th&29th May 2024

Course Timing

11.30am – 1pm

Practical Productivity using MS Outlook