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MS Powerpoint


Our MS PowerPoint Beyond the Basics ONLINE course is a comprehensive program designed to empower participants with the skills to create and deliver professional-grade presentations. Across three dynamic webinars, attendees will progress from mastering essential PowerPoint functions to exploring advanced features like SmartArt, tables, and charts. They’ll learn to leverage custom animation and multimedia elements for impactful presentations, all while gaining insights into effective slide design and delivery techniques. Suitable for professionals at all levels, this course is your gateway to elevating your presentation skills and making a lasting impression.

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Step up your presentation game with our intermediate to advanced MS PowerPoint online course, consisting of three engaging webinars. Perfect for individuals aiming to produce and deliver professional-looking slideshows, this course requires no prior PowerPoint experience, although a solid understanding of other Microsoft applications like MS Word or Excel is beneficial. We’ll start with mastering slide content basics, including text, SmartArt, pictures, and charts. Then, dive into diverse formatting techniques, leveraging PowerPoint Design Themes for a polished finish. Learn to add custom animation for that extra touch of professionalism and seamlessly run your slideshow.

Who Should Attend:

Ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their presentation skills, regardless of prior PowerPoint experience.

Webinar 1: PowerPoint Essentials:

  • Learn PowerPoint best practices and common pitfalls
  • Master creating presentations and navigating them effectively
  • Explore various slide layouts and formatting options
  • Understand the power of Slide Master and apply design themes
  • Efficiently manage your presentation with sections

Webinar 2: Exploring Alternatives to Bullets:

  • Discover the power of SmartArt for visual communication
  • Master working with tables, including design and layout options
  • Create compelling charts and customise them for impact
  • Incorporate logos, images, and pictures effectively
  • Utilise drawing tools for enhanced creativity

Webinar 3: Video/Audio and the Finishing Touches/Output:

  • Learn to capture screenshots and utilise screen clipping for visuals
  • Master screen recording for dynamic presentations
  • Incorporate video and audio seamlessly into your slides
  • Understand transitions and animation for engaging presentations
  • Explore presenter view and printing options for different output formats

Additional information

Course Date

13th,14th&15th May

Course Timing

2.30pm – 4pm

MS Powerpoint