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Microsoft Project Level 2

Microsoft Project Level 2


Our Microsoft Project Online Level 2: Managing & Tracking course offers participants a comprehensive exploration of advanced project management techniques across four webinars, totaling approximately 5 hours of training. Designed to replace traditional classroom sessions, this remote course provides flexibility for attendees to join live sessions or access recordings at their convenience. Throughout the course, participants will gain proficiency in applying filters, customising fields and tables, resolving resource overallocations, and effectively tracking project progress using Microsoft Project. By mastering these skills, participants will enhance their ability to develop and manage project schedules, ensuring successful project outcomes.


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Our Microsoft Project Online Level 2 course offers four webinars, totaling approximately 5 hours of remote training. Designed to replace traditional classroom sessions, these webinars provide participants with flexible learning options, including live attendance or viewing recorded sessions at their convenience. Participants will gain insights into project management techniques and learn how to effectively utilise Microsoft Project for scheduling and tracking project progress.

Course Objectives:

The primary goal of this course is to equip users with the skills to efficiently develop and manage project schedules using Microsoft Project. Participants will learn to apply advanced features such as filters, custom fields, and tables, as well as resolve resource overallocation and track project progress effectively.


Participants should possess basic PC literacy, including familiarity with PCs/laptops, mouse and keyboard usage, file management, and MS Office applications like Excel and Word. Access to MS Project software is required prior to the course start.

Course Modules:

Webinar 1: Applying Filters and Working with Tables (1 Hour)

  • Apply filters using AutoFilter and project Interactive Filters
  • Work with various tables including Tracking, Variance, and Cost Tables
  • Designate ‘Fixed Costs’ against tasks

Webinar 2: Customizing Fields & Tables (1 Hour)

  • Insert/hide fields and work with text and flag fields
  • Create custom tables and utilise the Organiser feature for efficiency

Webinar 3: Resolving Resource Overallocations (1 Hour)

  • Identify and resolve resource overallocation manually
  • Utilise the ‘Level Resources’ feature to address overallocations

Webinar 4: Tracking Progress & Project Reporting (2 Hours)

  • Track project progress using baselines, tracking tables, and commands
  • Apply tracking fields and track progress by ‘work done’
  • Explore communication techniques through dashboard reports and project versions comparison

Additional information

Course Date

20th & 21st May 2024

Course Timing

9.30am – 1pm

Microsoft Project Level 2