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Technical Writing

Technical Writing


“Technical Writing” is a 1 Day Course which is delivered over 2 half days at 9:30 am- 1:00 pm each,  provides participants with essential skills and knowledge to excel in technical documentation and business writing. The course emphasises the importance of clear, concise, and effective communication in various organisational contexts. Through interactive sessions, participants learn to plan, draft, and edit reports effectively, ensuring accuracy and completeness. The course covers key aspects of technical writing, including understanding the reader, structuring clear sentences, and using punctuation correctly. Participants also gain practical insights into utilising MS Word efficiently for document presentation and editing. By the end of the course, participants are equipped to transfer their newfound skills to the workplace, fostering improved communication practices and enhancing overall productivity.

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Effective technical writing is paramount for clear communication within any organisation. This course aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to produce technical documentation and business writing that is accurate, concise, and above all, effective. Participants will learn to address the needs of their target audience efficiently, ensuring clarity and understanding.

This course is ideal for individuals responsible for producing reports, manuals, and routine communications within their organisation. Participants should be committed to enhancing their writing skills to meet the demands of their roles effectively.

Training Style:
Our workshop emphasises active participation and practical application. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises tailored to their work situations, ensuring that newly acquired skills and knowledge are immediately applicable. The course combines theoretical learning with practical exercises to reinforce learning outcomes effectively.

Content Outline:

  • Introduction and Goals
    • Outline of course content and methodology
    • Understanding the importance of technical writing for individuals and organisations
    • Setting individual and overall goals for the course
  • Communicating with the Reader
    • Understanding the communication process and its nuances
    • Identifying and profiling the reader
    • Strategies for persuading and engaging the reader
  • Reports – Planning, Drafting, and Editing
    • Planning reports: Checklists and suggestions
    • Drafting reports: Structures, fonts, styles, and space considerations
    • Editing reports: Self-editing, receiving feedback effectively, and tips for editing in zero error tolerance situations
    • Tips for effective email writing
  • The DNA of Good Writing
    • Exploring the TABCCC acronym: Timing, Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity, Completeness, and Courtesy
    • Tips and exercises for enhancing each aspect of writing
  • Miscellaneous Issues in Writing
    • Correct usage of lists, numbers, values, dates, fonts, and capitalization
    • Understanding punctuation marks and their purposes
  • Getting the Best out of MS Word
    • Utilising MS Word features such as Styles, Read Aloud, Quick Access Toolbar, and automatic table of contents
    • Formatting graphs, tables, and other objects for precise communication
  • Transferring Skills to the Workplace
    • Review of course learnings
    • Development of individual action plans for implementing skills in the workplace

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Course Dates

June 18th & 19th, August 21st & 22nd, October 2nd & 3rd

Technical Writing