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Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders


“Coaching for Leaders” is a transformative course designed to equip managers and leaders with essential coaching skills to drive organisational success. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants explore the principles of coaching and its integration into managerial practices such as performance management and decision-making. The course emphasises practical application, offering tools and techniques for effective coaching conversations and virtual coaching environments. Participants learn to build rapport, ask impactful questions, and employ the FORM Coaching model for structured sessions. By empowering leaders to leverage coaching in their leadership approach, this course fosters a culture of growth, trust, and excellence within teams, ultimately driving organisational success.

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Our dynamic “Coaching for Leaders” course is designed to equip managers and leaders with the essential coaching skills necessary for driving organisational success. Through this transformative program, participants will explore the fundamental principles of coaching and its pivotal role in managerial practices such as performance management, problem-solving, and decision-making. By blending theoretical insights with practical exercises, our course empowers leaders to integrate coaching seamlessly into their leadership approach, fostering a culture of growth and development within their teams.

Course Delivery: 2 x 2-hour online workshops

Course Outline:

Workshop 1: Introduction to Coaching:

  • Understanding the distinction between Coaching and Mentoring
  • Recognizing the purpose of Coaching within managerial roles
  • Exploring how Coaching complements Leadership
  • Identifying and seizing Coaching opportunities
  • Introduction to tools for informal and formal Coaching practices

Workshop 2: Coaching Conversations:

  • Establishing rapport and fostering trust in Coaching relationships
  • Co-creating clear boundaries through effective contracting
  • Mastering the art of asking impactful questions to elicit meaningful responses
  • Introducing the FORM Coaching model for structured and effective coaching sessions
  • Addressing challenges and strategies for Coaching in a virtual environment

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Course Dates

11th & 18th September

Coaching for Leaders